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Powder Blue


Dark Beige (Taupe)

Light Beige

Chocolate Brown



(Laces with  

 velcro strap)

•Velcro Only

•Lace Only

•Flexible (2mm)

•Semi-rigid (3mm)

•Firm (4mm)

•Standard (Solid plastic heel)

•No reinforcement (Leather covered heel, no plastic): This is made the same as our standard brace, however the heel area is cut out prior to covering with leather. The area may be marked on the cast for specific relief. This option is ideal for Haglunds Deformity and painful achilles insertion.

RYBO braces are available in three standard heights: 6”, 7” and 9”. All of our brace heights are measured from the base of the calcaneus to the top of the collar. Our 6” brace has a rolled collar with no padding at the top, while our 7” and 9” braces have a 1” padded puff collar. Braces above 9” tall can be manufactured for a small additional fee.

Reinforcement is the thickness of the custom formed polypropylene portion of the RYBO AFO.

Please note that colors may differ from what you see here depending on your computer monitor settings.

All RYBO Standard AFOs are hand made in the United States utilizing only the finest leather, plastic and padding available. Each RYBO brace is tailor-made to your exact specifications ensuring correct fit and function for every patient. Patient comfort and compliance is achieved by offering multiple choices in brace color, closure type, height, and reinforcement thickness. Examples of these choices are shown below.

RYBO offers two choices for the heel type to provide the best fit and comfort.