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Don’t just take our word for how great the RYBO Custom  AFO is, listen to how well it’s worked for others...

Rybo has always manufactured a quality brace. They stand by their product, and all modifications and adjustments have been expertly made. I’ve used their product for the last 5 years and would never think about switching labs.”


Dr. Richard Haas, DPM

Temecula, CA

Very nicely constructed product! Customer service is excellent with rapid turnaround time! Any issues are quickly resolved!”


Dr. Howard Waxman

Willowick, OH

“Pat Chappell and RYBO Medical have provided me the highest quality braces and customer service. The braces have been well tolerated by my patients and I have gotten the highest compliance with the RYBO brace compared to other AFO’s. I am glad I started using RYBO Medical and only wish I did so sooner.”


Dr. Jonathon Labovitz

Torrance, CA

“RYBO Medical has an outstanding product to treat difficult painful foot and ankle pathology. The gauntlets are very well made and are able to be worn in a large variety of shoes. The lab offers excellent support, which is very helpful in making a customized brace. The high degree of patient satisfaction generates a lot of physician and patient referrals.”


Dr. Edward Cohen

Gulfport, MS

My patients have had an improvement in their quality of life because the RYBO braces have helped them walk better. This brace has been the best AFO on the market that I have dispensed through my office.”


Dr. Brian J. Zimmerman, DPM

Mansfield, OH

“ I use the RYBO brace for a multitude of diagnosis including posterial tibial tendon dysfunction, peroneal tendinopathy, Achilles pain, and to help immobilize midfoot and ankle arthridities. RYBO Medical has been very helpful to tailor make corrections within the AFO specific for my patient’s needs. I highly recommend this company.”


Dr. Richard Braver, DPM, FACFAS

Fair Lawn, NJ

“Patients have presented to my office seeking help and restoration of the lifestyle they used to enjoy due to orthopedic and medical conditions that have developed over a lifetime. With the use of Rybo’s AFO many of my patients have returned to those healthy lifestyles with a smile.”


Dr. Borys Markewych

Spokane, WA